Radio sales person needed, but for a weekly show.
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How do I find an advertising sales agent who can represent a weekly commercial radio show to advertisers in the San Francisco-Bay Area market. of course there's

My show, which discusses achieving sustainable lifestyle and enterprise, was picked up last week by a large AM station in San Francisco. We now have eight minutes of advertising to earn money on and are looking for an advertising rep who can sell the show to advertisers. However, I am at a loss in finding the kind of person who would represent a weekly show. What criteria (rates, commissions, goals, marketing) do I need to look for in a sales agent or an agency? Where I do I start looking? For more personal responses, my e-mail is in my profile.
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I think you need to find an independent sales agent that specializes in radio advertising. Somebody that already knows that right people to call and can start to work deals immediately for you.

Where you find that person I have no idea though. Try Google or LinkedIn to start, and maybe ask the ad people at the radio station for a referral.
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I am not following you. If it is a commercial station, they have their own sales reps. The sales reps sell ad time according to the time of play/demographic of their client (not you, the person buying the radio time). Say you are an auto dealership wanting to buy advertising time. You meet with the radio sales agent and decide on a package of ads, length of ads, time of day, target audience, reply discount, etc. Your radio station should be doing this for you if you have been picked up. You figure out if you want to sponsor a particular show--maybe that is what you mean? In that case you find one primary sponsor who underwrites your show and it gets those "brought to you by" or "sponsored by" plugs.
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I understand the confusion, 45moore45. The show is produced independent of the station and we have worked out a deal where we have a percentage of the ad time to sell for our one show, which is at a set time on a set day. We can, after a certain period, revert our time back to the station to sell in our name but we have control and the opportunity to sell the time in the meantime.
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