Peaches make for a peachy life in every way
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Thanks to this question, I have another liquor-related question. I'm a peachy girl, and my idea of heaven is a peach-filled universe. I like peach-flavored liqueur, alcohol and such, but I can't find a reliably tasty one to use as a base.

I'd like a peach-flavored liquor that can go from chilled cocktail to baked goods to shaved ice (mixed with a basic peach syrup or a simple syrup, of course), but everything I taste is either too sweet, not sweet at all, strong enough to knock me on my ass, or doesn't work well for more than one of the uses I have in mind.

Note: IANA bartender, and I cannot handle my alcohol. Two shots put me to sleep. I'm interested in something that pairs well and is tasty on its own. I want something subtle with smooth flavors and just enough alcohol to make it worth it. Does anyone have any recommendations or ideas?
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If you're a peachy enough girl, maybe you'd be interested in making your own liqueur with fresh fruit? A little experimentation and you might be able to get it just how you like it.
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If you can figure out a way to get it to wherever you are, this is exactly what you want. Truly good stuff.
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Fee Bros. makes a Peach Bitters, which you could add to other drinks you like.
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I'm not a huge peach guy, but Trader Joes used to have these tasty frozen peach slices that you could put in any drink instead of ice cubes and make it fantasticular. Sadly, they no longer stock them where I'm at, but if you can find them, they sound like they'd be perfect for you.
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Don't forget Amaretto, which is tastes like almonds but is make of peach pits (supposedly).
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If you do decide to make your own, there was an awesome article on peaches in Vogue magazine sometime around 2004-2005 (?) by Jeffrey Steingarten. He special-ordered peaches from a variety of farms looking for the best ones. The article does not appear in his first two books. I'd like to find a reprint, myself. I like peaches.
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Wow, kosem, peach whiskey. That looks and sounds delicious. Now I just need to make friends with someone in Michigan, and we could swap for something delicious from New Orleans.

Thanks everyone - I'm going to go home and freeze peach slices, make my own liqueur and convince my husband that we should vacation in Michigan.
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Hey user92371, is this the same article by Jeffrey Steingarten?
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You can try the recipe for Peach-infused Bourbon about halfway down this page.
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mitzyjalapeno: I think you can order Leopold's Peach Liqueur (and Peach Whiskey) online here.
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I find that you can never go wrong with Peach Schnapps.
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I know that it's not a peach-flavored liquor, but the world's best peach-flavored alcoholic beverage is the Bellini. Really, any drink with actual peaches or peach juice/nectar will always give you more peachy goodnes than peach schnapps (no offense cholly.) The Drinkboy link above has a link to Purfect Puree, which makes all kinds of, well, purees.
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Reading this makes me crave white sangria with peaches. I wish it were still high season for stone fruits.
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Mitzy: exactly yes!
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