Yoo-Hoo in Redmond, Washington
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I'd like to buy some bottles of Yoo-Hoo Chocolate Drink, but I can't seem to find any since I've moved to Redmond, Washington. Is there any store around here with these in 6 or 12 (or larger packs)?
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I live nowhere near Redmond, so I am not able to give you a direct answer on this, I did do a bit of Google searching for you and visited the Yoo-Hoo site. Didn't come up with anything.

So... you may consider contacting them via phone, snail mail, or web form.
Yoo-Hoo Chocolate Beverage Corp.
600 Commercial Ave.
Carlstadt, NJ 07072-2602
Phone: 1-201-933-0070
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Does it have to be purchased locally? If not, you can buy a case online here.
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Sodaking carries this locally (and even delivers to Redmond, it appears):

Soda King
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I think I remember seeing it at Costco in Kirkland... but I might be making that up.
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(jeffamaphone) Costcos in SF Bay Area have it, so I'd bet you saw it at the Kirkland store, too.
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HA! First, had to laugh at this-- as I'm ALWAYS looking for YooHoo when I stop at a store / gas&store.

I'd say I find it about 1-in-50 locations. Ack.

GOOD LUCK and let's here about reliable locations! ;)
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Ballard Market in Seattle has it, but sells it by individual bottles.
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