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What's a good place to buy relatively inexpensive women's coat (either online or in manhattan)?

My girlfriend is sick of the winter coat she bought from H&M a few years ago, so I'm planning on buying her one as a present. I know she likes the Double-faced wool bella coat from J-Crew, but I'd love to find something similar for a little less money. We've tried thrift stores and some department stores, but they don't usually have a good selection for size 0s. I know nothing about where to shop for this stuff, so I'm hoping you all can help.
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Burlington Coat Factory - This link goes to Women >
Wool, Natural Fibers & Blends
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Century 21?
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Some lucky gal. Here are some suggestions:
Daffy's and Burlington (seconded!) for good quality and less expensive.
Anthropologie, you can find some less expensive than JCrew.
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Best answer: yeah, century 21. think nordstrom rack on steroids. It will not disappoint, esp. if you are new to new york. try to go early, as the crowds are just huge later in the day.
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Best answer: Yes, if she's size 0, definitely try Century 21 or Daffy's. You can also give Loehmann's a shot. TJ Maxx and Filene's Basement can be somewhat hit or miss. I'd be careful with Burlington because they used to have a particularly shitty return policy. Make sure you check it carefully before buying anything there.

If you're up for an adventure, take a bus ride (or drive if you have wheels) up to Woodbury Commons or Jersey Gardens. Both of them have a Sak's Off Fifth, Needless Markup (a/k/a Neiman Marcus) Last Call, and Jersey Gardens has a particularly good Daffy's. Woodbury even has a Barney's Co-Op outlet, as well as a J. Crew store.

If at all possible, I highly suggest attempting to avoid the outlets on weekends. Otherwise it's just awful. Too fucking many people. Screaming. Crying. Fighting. And that's just before you get in from the parking lot. ;)

Happy shopping. And what a *very* lucky friend!
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Try vintage/antique stores - vintage clothes are usually smaller, so finding a nice wool coat for someone that small will probably not be that difficult. If you find the right style/color/size, it will likely be of a much higher quality than you can buy new. Also, the price will probably be lower. The downside to this, of course, is that buying vintage is a hit/miss proposition. Other people here might have suggestions for where to go in Manhattan for quality vintage clothing.
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I'm a huge fan of the Tulle coats:

Single breasted $105

Double breasted $110

You can typically find them on Ebay a little cheaper. But they're incredibly cute with good details and very warm.

Good luck.
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Best answer: You could always put yourself on the J Crew email list and keep an eye out for sales very soon of some of the winter stuff, maybe you can get the Bella coat you want for less money - also - there are some eBay sellers that have J Crew that's new, maybe some is last season, but if you search for that coat name or other coat names that are similar in style, you might find one for significantly less than the listed price.

(Also, AFAIK J Crew puts stuff on sale on their website at some very late hour of a Sunday night or Monday morning, like 4-5am, so if you happen to check every Monday very early you might catch one before the size you want is all gone.)
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Best answer: Or, if you go in the store and can't find the size you want there (I'm guessing the 0-2 range sells out fast in Manhattan), use the red phone in the store to order from the catalog - shipping is free that way - also check for any shipping discount or coupons if you order online. (I have a bunch of their clothes b/c the quality is usually quite good for the price, esp. the pea coats and t-shirts. Something too cheap might not last more than a season without looking shabby.)
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