What's a good source for finding TV shows online? Specifically, Ninja Warrior (originally titles Sasuke in Japan)?
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TV-over-the-internet-filter: What's a good source for finding TV shows online? Specifically, Ninja Warrior (originally titled Sasuke in Japan)?

I don't have a Tivo and am not usually at home during prime time, so I download my TV shows and watch them when convenient. I haven't had problems finding episodes of The Office and The Ultimate Fighter on Usenet and Demonoid (a torrent sharing site), but Ninja Warrior (from G4TV, which I don't receive, BTW, so I can't do an old-school VCR recording of it) is giving me trouble. I've found three episodes, and I've found a torrent for an episode recorded straight from Japanese TV, but that's about it.

Any tips? Where do you guys usually get your shows?
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I've had no luck finding Sasuke or Viking via bittorrent sites, so I've watched it on YouTube.
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Same BT site I always suggest, www.btjunkie.org, shows several seasons worth of full discs. Normal caveats apply regarding copyright and legality, of course.
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Try alt.binaries.tv on usenet; I've never had a problem finding shows there. If you don't find it there, try requesting it in the group.
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Oops, mistake. Several discs, not seasons. This is where some wicked googlefu is called upon. I can't give you links since they're probably pirated material, but try things like:
ninja warrior filetype:torrent
ninja warrior filetype:avi
ninja warrior filetype:wmv (etc etc etc)
sasuke filetype:wmv...you get the idea.

There are also various googlehax to search for accidentally shared files, such as www.g2p.org. Good luck!
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You really can't beat tvnzb.com for downloading current shows from usenet, but I also like showdates.net's calender interface for keeping track of when my shows are on (until I get rss feeds working in SABnzbd, that is). Neither have Ninja Warrior though, sorry.
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I get most shows through RSS (though not Sasuke). I get my RSS feeds from tvrss.net.
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