Sturdiest USB drive?
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Please recommend the sturdiest USB drive around. Assume that I am rougher on these things than Bigfoot.

Preferably the device should not have a cap -- I'd lose it eventually. It SHOULD fit on a keychain, however. Bonus points for data transfer speed, large capacity and low price -- in that order.
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I have a Lexar Jumpdrive. It has a rubber cap that fits around the whole unit and stays in place no matter how much you thump it around. The unit also has a place on the cover where a keychain could be attached.

An added bonus is that if you buy a dock for it, the Jumpdrives can be used as MP3 players. I've been using mine for this purpose for the last 3 years. Makes more sense than buying an iPod and not having control over my music files.
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No doubt about it, the Corsair Survivor.

Corsair site:

Newegg with reviews:
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Cruzer Titanium?
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Sorry, that Newegg URL with reviews is at:
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We use Regular Cruzer Micros every day here at work, the retractable USB connection is great for banging around in a pocket/on a lanyard. If you really need the extra protection, the Titanium looks solid, but are you really gonna run over your drive?
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Everything USB does their flash drive reviews with durability/rugged-ness tests from putting them through the wash to running them over with SUVs.
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I have two Cruzer Titanium drives, and my opinion of them is that they will be still in one piece long after I am reduced to my component atoms.
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How is the key-ring thingie on the Cruzer drives? I don't have a problem breaking the actual drives, but it seems every time I get one I lose it within a month because the key ring breaks and it falls off somewhere without me noticing.
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@bradbane, the key ring is the weakest link on my Cruzer titanium. I attempted to take the key ring off and just attach it to my existing, stronger key ring, but it's designed in a way that keeps you from hooking the USB body right on to my key ring. it has held up so far (1 month), but I do wish there was a better way to secure it to my key ring.
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