Help me find an animated TV ad from this past summer.
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Where can I find a (preferably downloadable) online copy of a recent TV commercial advertising a nuclear power company? I saw the ad all summer on CNN (United States) and I'm not sure if they're still running. The ad is a quirky animated piece showing the step-by-step process of nuclear energy, from mining to usage. It's presented in a 3D isometric perspective, similar to eboy/pixel art. I'd like to present it to a class I'm teaching, as the ad style liberally borrows from a Royksopp music video from a few years back. Thanks!
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Best answer: I googled "Nuclear Power Ad"
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Response by poster: Yup - that's it... why didn't that come up when I googled it? Thanks!
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For the further edification of metafilter, it's Royskopp's 2002 Remind Me video that the OP mentions. The Areva commercial shares its style because they're both the product of the same agency, H5.

I didn't see the Areva commerical running this summer, but it would appear that the commercial originally aired in 2004.
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Oh. Areva's campaign site is probably very useful source material for you, too. Iit has print examples as well as motion graphics from the campaign. It would appear that the summer of 2007 US airing of the commercial was somewhat abbreviated from the original, as well as being captioned in English.
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