My friend wants to work for an "adult" chat service. How can she do it right?
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ifriends? Other "adult" chat services? I have a friend (it's not me! I don't look good enough for this stuff) that is thinking of this as a revenue stream.

She's 25 an seems willing to exploit herself this way; horribly needs healthcare; clearly she is very much an exhibitionist. This is her idea, but just wants to go about it right..

Moral convictions aside - pros? Cons? Best group to pick for this? Is it iFriends or one of the other networks. Something sleazy but safe?

You're totally welcome to contact me directly if you want to protect your anonymity.
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God, once in a while, we're quite a prude-ish communit6y aren’t we? Still no answers to this question??

Anyway. I’d never heard of iFriends before prior to your question. Tried to register but they want a credit card to do so – I really don’t think so, do you?

I’m sure that it’s a great site but it’s not luring the punters like me through the door is it?
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Sorry, don't know iFriends.

I've always wondered what the incentives are for the folks on though. It might be something to compare with, anyway. Also check out SuicideGirls and IShotMyself, neither of which I really know anything about, but I believe they're similar pay-for-the-pretty-girls sites.

Has she considered plain old phone sex? It's a much better established business. Might be more lucrative. And I bet it's pretty anonymous for the people who do it. Less trackable than anything you do online, anyway.
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If I understand your original question, you have a friend who wants to do interactive internet porn. Right?

She should first give up the notion that she'll get crazy amounts of money doing it, unless she's willing to do girl/girl, which tends to be a larger draw. Depending on where she worked, she could spend 8 hours and make absolutely nothing for her time, since it's all dependent on whether or not a guy wants to pay the $9 or whatever a minute for a private show. And that's not even taking into consideration the problem of the companies running the chat services being known to stiff the workers out of cash.
She'll also have to be prepared to take some pretty cruel verbal abuse from the lacking-in-self-esteem viewers at large.

I've worked in the sex industry, and a number of my friends have as well, and it seems that the best balance of money & ease is found with phone sex. A talented person can pay rent with a minimal amount of work.

If she's really into the idea of doing internet chat, she should just find a friendly sysadmin who can hook her up with the technology to do it on her own.
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