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Are there any u-cut Christmas tree lots already open in SF/Northern Cal area?

We're going to be out of town for the second half of December, through about a week in to January, but we still want to set up a Christmas tree, and take it down before we leave. I know, whatever. It's fun. :)

Are there any tree farms open now? We could probably get one from an online merchant, but a lot of the fun for us is going out to get the tree and bringing it home.

We live in Oakland, but are willing to drive up to two hours-ish to find a tree. Because it's fun. :) Thanks!
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I know this isn't a great answer, because I'm answering "No," but I checked all the U-cut options on this page, and they're all post-Thanksgiving. Good reference page, though.
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There are a bunch of christmas tree farms in the Santa Cruz Mountains. I've gone to a couple along Highway 1 in the Ano Nuevo/Half Moon Bay area of San Mateo County, just looking for the signs. This website has a list with some different options. A lot of them are pre-cut tree lots, but the Skyline Tree Farm lets you cut your own. Merry Christmas! (My first of the year.)
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I don't know about You-Cut, but Delancey Street trees may provide that special x-mas feeling even without the tree-cutting.

(But I also agree that most lots don't open until after thanksgiving)
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i'm pretty sure there are some Christmas tree farms out on HWY 92 out to Half Moon Bay...
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I can't help you with the bay area, but if you can manage to get in contact with a grower, you can probably go cut your tree early. I'd offer double the usual rate on the phone, more if you are going to spend more than an hour picking out a tree.

The forest service sells tree cutting permits, but I think farmed trees have a nicer shape. A tree farm will also be easier to drive to and walk around, if that's a consideration.
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