Study helps for chemistry/biology?
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What are some good free online study guides/helps for Chemistry and Biology?
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It depends on what you're trying to study. The links I have are at the High School level, but are very detailed and very useful for High School students. Savita Pall (my Chem teacher from an IB school) and the IB Chemistry site are both excellent resources, though the last one is a bit too focused on the IB syllabus itself.

It would definitely help if we knew the target audience/purpose/level, y'know. :) hope that helps.
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Presuming you're referring to General Chemistry, this site at Purdue is pretty damn awesome. It's sort of half-broken (some links are dead, etc), but has astonishingly good summaries of all gen chem topics. Click on the Topic Review link to get to the good stuff.
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Berkley has podcasts/webcasts of many of their lectures, including General Bio and Chem. Sometimes I listen to the mp3s while at the gym on subjects I've gotten rusty on and found it helpful.
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Biology -

click on a chapter, click on quiz, and click on a subject.

click on a chapter, then click on "quizes" (for some reason...), then click on a topic you are interested in to see the animation

Chemistry & Biology -

click on a subject, click on a book, click on self study, click on a chapter, click on a quiz, click on a topic

Just Chemistry -

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Response by poster: Oh, sorry. I'm referring to college-level chemistry. I have the Zumdahl & Zumdahl 7th edition Chemistry text from Houghton Mifflin, and I'm using their web resource, but would be interested in others.
I'm not currently taking Biology but I will soon, so I'd like to study up on some basics beforehand so I don't feel so rushed when I get there.
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