Who was Rhodo the Monster?
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I've had this little song stuck in my head for decades. I think it was the title song to a recurring sketch on a radio comedy show, possibly Ducksbreath Mystery Theater, but I haven't been able to google up any evidence that I didn't just imagine the whole thing. Do you have any more information about Rhodo the Monster from Outer Space?

Rhodo the Monster, he's from outer space
Flying to destroy us, destroy the human race
Rhodo the Monster, from real far away!
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Best answer: It's "Rodomonster", which might be why you were having trouble finding it via google. DBMT released a DVD last year in honor of their 30th Anniversary, they also have a bunch of other recordings available for purchase here. They are very responsive to emails and would be able to tell you which (if any) of their offerings include the Rodomonster song.
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Response by poster: Thanks, jamaro! I feel better now.

I did try emailing them, but the contact address on their site rejected my email ("relaying denied") from every account I have access to. A matter for another AskMe, perhaps.
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I've emailed them for you, with any luck, we'll know soon.
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Now if only they would release Senseless Cruelty on cd.
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Response from Bill:

I think Rodo is somewhere but it will be hard to track down... I will look the next time I go through the archives

Senseless Cruelty is available – but only on cassette!!!!

& we just shot the latest stage version and maybe – some day – it will be something.

Full disclosure time: I did a little bit of work for DBMT last year. Nice people.
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Response by poster: Thanks again!
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