How long will an open tin of goose fat last?
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How long will a tin of goose fat last once opened?

I have a tin of goose fat. (On a related note, the Borough Market is the greatest place on earth.) I intend to roast potatoes in some of the goose fat, but not all of the goose fat. In fact, I'll probably only use about 1/4 of the tin.

How long will an opened tin of goose fat last in my fridge, assuming that I cover it with cling film and treat it with the respect that it so richly deserves?
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Best answer: It'd be fine for a couple of months.

(I find it sits squarely in "consumed way before it would need to be thrown out" territory.)
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I'm not 100% sure about goose fat, but duck fat freezes really well and lasts for a very long time frozen.
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I can't see why it would be any different than chicken fat, tallow, or lard. Whatever the standard guideline is for those should apply to goose fat as well.
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Chuck it in the freezer and it'll last forever. I've had duck and goose fat both eventually go bad in the fridge.
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I would consider covering in plastic wrap and then putting the whole works in a tupperware container, lest it take on the flavors of your fridge. Fat absorbs odors pretty well.
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Best answer: I'd also take it out of the tin. When there's no oxygen to react with the metal of the container, the flavor isn't affected. Once the air is making contact with it, I wouldn't place any bets on the flavor staying good in a metal container. Glass is good!
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freeze it in chunks, and then defrost as desired.
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Best answer: What thinkingwoman said. Me, I pour it into an ice-cube tray and freeze that. (And I sometimes do the same thing with the tail-end of a bottle of wine, or water that I've been soaking chipotles in, which is great for adding a hot, smoky kick to casseroles, sauces, etc.)
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