Single-button scanning program?
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Looking for dead simple software to scan via my HP Scanjet 2200c's front button.

The ideal candidate would allow me to [Tap hardware button], and scanner scans entire plate at predefined resolution/depth then saves the result in a sequentially named file - Without area selecting, file dialogs, or any other fiddling.

In short, I want it to work like a copier.

GPL or demo period preferred. The scanner is TWAIN compliant.Help! I don't want to be here all night!
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I like VueScan. They also have a page of tips for batch scanning, which is what you seem to want to be doing. The instructions seem promising:

To scan multiple photos with a flatbed scanner:

1. Turn on scanner
2. Run VueScan
3. Choose "File|Default options" from menu
4. Press "Advanced" button
5. Click on "Input" tab
6. Set "Options" to "Advanced"
7. Set "Scan resolution" to "300 dpi"
8. Click on "Prefs" tab
9. Un-check "External viewer" box
10. Put first snapshot in upper right corner of scanner
11. Press Preview button
12. If snapshot not at top, move to opposite corner and press Preview again
13. Draw crop box around snapshot
14. Press Scan button
15. Put next snapshot on scanner (in same position) and press Scan button
16. Repeat last step for each snapshot

You will get files named crop0001.jpg, crop0002.jpg, etc. for each snapshot. Move these files into a folder with a name that reflects what you've scanned.

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Best answer: Haven't actually tried it, but:
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Response by poster: iCopy is really close - You still have to enter the filename, but other than that, it's fire-and-forget. I've bookmarked VueScan for the next time I need to do this sort of thing - just in case I don't get around to adding autofilenaming to iCopy before I need this again. Thanks, both of you!
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Response by poster: I found a website that Tells you how to set this up under Linux if your scanner's supported. Figured somebody else, someday, might want that.
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