Help Me Find My Duplicates!
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Because of a problem with my Entourage database I now have lots of duplicate email addresses in my address book. I thought I could see the duplicates by going through my contact list but they are not listed next to each other. I can search each email address and it will display the dups but that would mean I would need to know which email addresses are duplicated. Clicking on the name field does not place the dups together in the list. Is there a simpler way to find the duplicates?
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Well, I think so... can you output all your contacts to an Excel file? If so, export, sort by the appropriate column, delete your dupes & merge as necessary.

Then delete all contacts from within Entourage, and reimport the Excel file (MAKE BACKUPS FIRST. I learned that the very hard way...), and voila.
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That worked. Thanks.

A few details: here's a web site that tells you how to backup your Entourage data: It's pretty straightforward. When I exported my address book and opened it in Excel it actually had sorted the data so I could easily tell the duplicates.

One other thing to be careful of: when I exported my contacts it didn't seem to export my mailing lists (which were listed in my contacts). When I wanted to import my edited contact list back in, I had to be careful not to delete any mailing lists (as they would not be imported back in).
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