Batali's Big Knife
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What is the big knife called (and where can i buy it) that Mario Batali uses sometimes on Iron Chef America?

It is a very large knife, sort of like a cleaver but with a rounded point, and it has a green handle. I don't remember which battle it was used in, but it can be seen during the opening credits/intro montage on recent battles. I believe Alton specifically called it out by name once, but I can't rememember the exact name. Something with letters and numbers, like EX-50, but I don't think that's it. Thanks!
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This interview suggests that while Mario likes Sabatier knives, the knife you saw may be a hop knife that was inherited from his grandfather.
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Thanks, but I don't think that's it. It looks like a modern knife, the kind you might see at a restaurant supply store, and it's not shaped like the hop kinves you linked to. Picture a big cleaver (maybe 8 or 10" long blade that is 4-6" tall) with a big rounded tip. The top is flat.
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They are available in oriental grocery stores and oriental restaurant supply stores. I've heard it called an oriental butcher knife or big knife.
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Could it be a Sanelli?
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I'd lay a big bet on it being the Wok Knife from zamboni's link. A fine-looking knife. I'd love to have one myself. Quite a bit cheaper than the comparable Henckels I got as a present some time back.
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Hmmm, the handles on those Sanellis looks right, but none of those are it. It's sort of like the Wok knife, but with a tip like the butcher's knife or slicing knife. It's definitely not a santuko.
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Here's more Sanelli knives, I'm guessing either the Heavy knives of the Pig skinner
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or the, that is
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judging from your description, it might well be a nakiri; which is a Japanese style vegetable prep knife. Japanese style knives are getting to be in high fashion these days for chefs, thanks to their superior edge retention and thin profile as compared to German or French style knives (the trade off is that they are slightly more brittle overall). Nakiri are great little knives for quick chopping - very nimble. They usually have a slightly rounded tip as shown in this knife but their profiles may vary.
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well, i should have read closer -- i haven't ever seen a nakiri with a green handle before. still, they are nice knives.
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Santoku. It's san-fucking-TOKU, not "santuko." I don't know why this is such a common mistake, but it drives me crazy.

sorry for the mini-rant. pet peeve.
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pupdog, I think you are right, it's the Heavy Knife. Cool, thanks everyone!
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Nice hissy fit, dersins. I thought it was santoku, but the website I linked to convinced me I was wrong.
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Dersins, I suspect America's inability to spell/pronounce "santoku" comes from an unconscious belief that a word that sounds like that must be treated as being Italian. : )
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