Help me learn how to write better in French.
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Does anyone have a suggestion for where to go in Montreal to improve my written French?

I've lived here for most of my adult life and my spoken French is very good (meaning I can live for extended periods - days at a time - entirely in French), as is my reading. Writing, however, escapes me.

So - there are lots of Montrealers here... Where can I go to work on my written French? The Cont-Ed department of one of the universities? Private language school? Tutor or individual lessons?
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Gov't page

Those famous free courses

All of the universities and cégeps have FSL courses that will fit the bill. Some:
u de m
Cégep de Maisonneuve

I've taken the intensive program at u de m (oral & written) and found it really fantastic.

I think my mind works differently because I can't separate speaking from reading from writing (I tend to visualize words as I say them) but I'm sure you could find a tutor who'd be willing to do online exchanges -- check university classifieds or craigslist for potential tutors.
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