Where to buy MRE?
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Where to buy M.R.Es in Canada?

Does anyone know of a place in Canada (preferably Vancouver) where I can purchase US Army M.R.Es (Meal, Ready to Eat)? I've heard so much about them in the past few years and how edible they are I'd love to give them a try.
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I know you can buy them online from survivalist sites.

This page lists places to look for them.
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Googling vancouver military surplus turns up a lot of relevant hits. I know my local surplus store has large quantities of Canadian MREs. Is there really much of a difference between Canadian and American MREs?
According to mreinfo.com, they should be pretty similar (at least if menus are any indication).
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There's several surplus stores that have them. A friend of mine used to buy them at the one in New Westminster on 12th. Their site is here:


But I don't see them listing the MREs or any perishables for that matter. Give them a call when they're open though, maybe it's just not something they sell online.
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Wow. After browsing MREInfo, I have a hankerin' to try an M.R.E. or two as well, Cosine. Actually, it's the First Strike! ration packs that interest me ("a compact, eat-on-the-move assault ration"), with their HOOAH! bars, Zapplesauce and Stay Alert gum, among other mil-branded foodstuffs.
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I've bought some on eBay before-- but American ones, not Canadian.

As an aside, the HOOAH! bars are freaking great. Kept this soldier nice and filled when on the run here when in the field. Good stuff, as far as MRE treats go.
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mreinfo is the guy. 'specially for those wanting to make the distinction between buying authentic mres and quasi-official civilian variants.

been meaning to get hold of some of the foreign ones, that sounds like a real adventure in eating.

I had an authentic-version bbq veggie burger pack, month or two ago; first I've had an mre for about 10-15 years. it was certainly less-bad than I was expecting/remembering. but oh the changes they've made! calories and carbs hopped up every which where -- even the salt has sugar in it!!?! sadly no bacon-salt as of yet, but it'll come. it'll come.

(btw while they are more than edible just keep an eye on your ld50 for the sodium intake)

I miss the nasty gritty tropical chocolate bar...
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