If you build a 3-d paper card, they will come...
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Where can I order custom printed popup cards? Or a punch to make my own easily?

I'd like to send out Christmas cards this year that incorporate a popup feature, or some other sort of 3-d feature. I've seen plenty of these for sale at card shops, but I'd like to get about 300 of them custom printed or find a faster way to make my own.

Where can I order custom Christmas cards (or non-Christmas cards, even) that use popups? Or, where can I order a punch to make cards like this?
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you need a die, so you can do die-cutting.

I doubt you'll find someone selling dies to make groovy christmas cards, since the market would be limited to companies that make christmas cards.

So, you can design something and get it made. It's not that expensive, probably $100-200 – it all depends on complexity. It's basically a knife bent and attached to a board, so it's not outragous. And you can cut just by sandwiching the paper between a rubber mat and the die, and hitting it with a mallet.

But, you'll want to do a lot of prototyping first. I say, just get a metal ruler, an exacto knife and a fold/crease tool and go nuts with experimenting. If you find something you want to mass produce, then get the die.
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