Great video podcasts please!
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Direct me towards great video podcasts please.

So I got me a shiny new 80GB video iPod (yay!) and it's fantastic. I decided to download the video podcasts from The New Yorker Festival and was knocked out by how good they are. I realise I may already have hit the jackpot first time but I hope not. My question is: what else is out there?

Preferably I would like something that integrates with iTunes but I will go wherever there is something interesting. I would like this to be as wide as possible. I am interested in virtually any topics that ordinarily make an interesting post on the blue.

I have viewed the other video podcast questions but most seem very specific. The only criteria I have is that is it is interesting, free (if possible) and preferably of a decent length (15 mins plus). Otherwise, I am all ears and, er, eyes.

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The Chaser's War on Everything, an Australian comedy program that likes to satirise politics, television commercials, people and so much more. They made international headlines recently when they managed to sneak through several hundred million dollars worth of security at APEC in Sydney and got within a few metres of Dubya's hotel.

The vodcast feed is here and, best of all, it's free

I'd also reccommend Thank God You're Here and Media Watch, though that's probably something you're going to find boring if you don't have an interest in Australian media issues.
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Lynchland is one of my favorites. Liam Lynch was one of the creators of Sifl and Olly, and directs videos, tv, and movies, but really it's just a guy singing songs, doing skits, and messing around in ProTools. The humor skews pretty geeky.
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Ted Talks - They always amaze me. If you don't like one, try another. There are some incredible people talking.

Budget Health Nut HD - Fun cooking program if (in High Def) if you are learning to cook

G4 Video Game Podcast - If you are into video games. Pretty reliable/funny reviews
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The Merlin Show was quite good until it mysteriously stopped updating a few months ago.
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Terra: The Nature of Life on Our World has great films exploring topics in the natural sciences. Recent topics: drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, wolves in Yellowstone, searching for life on Mars.

KQED Quest has a similar scope with an emphasis on science and the environment, and its films are in hi-def, which is extremely cool. Recent topics: how global warming may affect wine production in California, earthquake prediction, charting the ocean floor compact florescent lighting.

And Tiki Bar TV creates entire little one-act productions around... elaborate cocktail recipes.
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DL.TV, similar to the old Screensavers show

Crankygeeks, tech news discussion

PlayDigital, videogame reviews
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Channel Frederator for cartoons.
And Tiki Bar TV sure is funny.
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You might find something at peekvid.
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++++ on WCityMike's recommendation of MTSS. 9 episodes so far (10 if you include the outtakes video they recently put out)

Something a bit more eclectic is the Basic Brewing video podcast that accompanies the audio podcast. James is a bit geeky and droll, but it's a great resource if you're at all interested in home brewing.
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Diggnation - great topics and current events/trends. Kevin and Alex do an awesome job.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all recommendations so far, I will check them all out.
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