What are all of the bridges and tunnels in Manhattan?
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Anyone have a catalog of the bridges, tunnels, and ferries exclusive to Manhattan?

I've heard it's more than 30, but really have no idea. I'm sure somebody has posted a blog about this kind of thing at some point, right?
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I got a bunch of 'em in my NYC Google Earth Mega Pack.
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Response by poster: cool! amazing work!
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I'm sure we can Google and Wikipedia this but let's try freehand:

Harlem-Yonkers bridge (name?)
Third Avenue Bridge
Willis Avenue Bridge
(like ten other bridges over the Harlem River)
Triboro Bridge
Randall's Island footbridge
Queensboro Bridge
Manhattan Bridge
Williamsburgh Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge

Park Ave. Tunnel
(are we counting subway tunnels?)

Staten Island
Governor's Island
Circle Line
uh, the Water Taxi?
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Response by poster: good memory nicwolff. i def. could not have spewed out that many.
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New York Waterways has buses on the NY end to various parts of the city., but they are just too expensive for commuting. I haven't used them since Sept 11 2001, when they had terribly slow, but free, service.
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Hey, don't forget the Roosevelt Tram. Yeah, it only gets halfway across the East River, and then you're in the middle of the East River. Your call. (Oh, all right, you can walk to Queens if you insist.)

And for ferries you also, technically, have the Ellis and Liberty Island ferries.

I would also say you must include railroad bridges and tunnels for completeness.

Bridges and Tunnels in New York and New Jersey is ridiculously detailed.

This is all complicated by the multiple agencies that control the various crossings -- everything from private railroad companies to quasi-public entities like the Port Authority to the city itself.
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