Where can I located 1936 race demographics for NY, VT?
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Can anyone help me find demographics for New York and Vermont in and around 1936. Specifically, I'm interested in the racial makeup on both states and especially in New York City. The census website confuses me a little, does anyone know a good link or reference for this specific, query?
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you could ask the librarians at the New York Public Library--they'll definitely know. I know that most Puerto Ricans and other Hispanics came later--from the 1950s on.
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I teach classes in how to use genealogical databases at my Vermont public library and I'm good with the census. Email me at my work address [jessamyn at rutlandfree.org] with what you're looking for and I can either send you some numbers or give you a crash course in how to squeeze out the information you are looking for from what's easily and freely available online.
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