Wanted: cheesy Mexican TV / movie themes!
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Can anyone give me a tip where to find examples of well-known cheesy Mexican TV or movie themes?

I'm touring with my (Dutch) Hammond funk outfit in Mexico next year. We would like to put a typical and well-known Mexican song, preferably something like a cheesy movie or soap (TV) theme, in our set and funk it up a little.

We try to do something similar in every country we tour, people tend to love it. However, I do not know people that have both knowledge of Mexico and music.

A few things are important:
1. It must be really well known in Mexico.
2. The song is preferably old (sixties / seventies vibe) and has a catchy and easy recognizable melody.
3. It is no problem if it is very cheesy, but preferably the song can be played in a high tempo with e.g. a break beat or a straight beat.
4. I should be able to find / buy it somewhere on the Internet.

Examples for the US would be:
- Theme from High Noon
- Hang 'm High
- Theme from Dirty Harry
- Them from Starsky & Hutch
- The Man from UNCLE
- Theme from Spiderman


Thanks for your help!
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Probably catch a few episodes of Sabado Gigante to find something appropriate. Otherwise search for "Mexican slapstick comedy" for famous movies by the likes of Cantinflas, et al.
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Sorry, JJ86, Sábado Gigante is Chilean.

's theme is what you are looking for. The Kronos Quartet did a kronosquartet version of it under the name of Chavosuite that you can listen to here.
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Best answer: This is the song. I think it's great for a funk band, personally. And it will definitely be the most recognizable Mexican TV thing your band can play.
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Sabado Gigante is Chilean but it is extremely popular on Univision where somewhere near 90% of the people who watch it are Mexican. It's akin to the Benny Hill show which was British but many Americans knew the theme song by heart.
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Best answer: Sabado Gigante is not that well known in Mexico. I think they air mostly in cable. Please don't assume that Mexicans living in the US (or elsewhere) have the same culture as Mexicans living in Mexico.

Listen to micayetoca. Chespirito's theme is perfect.

Also, you could use the theme song from La Carabina de Ambrosio, a comedy show from the late seventies. For bonus points, somebody should dance as Gina Montes, the lady in the video.

The song and group are both called Quartz, I think I have it if you want it.

(If you tour in Mexico City, let me know, I'd like to listen the song you choose!)
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I second micayoteca and clearlydemon both very good suggestions, althought one more popular than the other, at least with the younger crowd.
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Chespirito is certainly one of the most popular old shows out there, and La Carabina de Ambrosio is also good, but I'd like to maybe suggest some other options, in case you want some more:

Chispita , cheesy soap opera with a very popular theme song sung by the original Timbiriche band, which is currently on a reunion tour.

Rosa Salvaje, another popular soap opera, with famous Veronica Castro as the lead character.
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Response by poster: Both "Chespirito's theme" and the "theme song from La Carabina de Ambrosio" have great possibilities for what we would like to do! Thanks so much!

The other mentioned themes are much more difficult I'm afraid, as the melody is sung and the tune is in low tempo, but I really appreciate all the input!

@clearlydemon: I'd be very interested in that song! You also responded to my question about Canal22. We will play the EuroJazz festival in the last week of March (last Sunday) in Mexico City among other gigs (which are yet uncertain). My band is Rare Groove Orchestra, you can listen to some of our music on our MySpace. Thanks!
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IZ: You've got Mefimail ♪

CrazyLemonade: good themes, too. A Nigerian street vendor sang the theme of Rosa Salvaje to me in Paris. I bought him many keychains and even took his photo (later, he confessed he did the same with all the Mexican tourists, with similar results).
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If you're willing to consider something more recent (from the last couple of years), check out RBD's "Rebelde." Wildly popular telenovela-turned-pop-sensation-spinoff that spawns fan stampedes in places from Brazil to New Jersey. For a while you couldn't avoid hearing the song 10 times a day down here, without even turning on your radio. Instantly recognizable and, in my view, fits the cheesy requirement.
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