Heed the call of the fire pit
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Help me feed my inner Midwesterner. . . recommend a grill-your-own-steak place in the NY/Philly area?

As the weather turns cold, I've been hearing the call of a communal fire pit. Anyone know of of a grill your own steak house in or near NYC, Philly, or anywhere in between?
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317 Columbia St. (betw. Woodhull St. & Hamilton Ave.), B’klyn
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Wow. A Grill Your Own Steak place? I've never heard of that before.

Depending where you are, jujube, and if Moonshine doesn't do it for you, look for a Korean BBQ. The good ones feature dining tables with built-in gas grills. Galbi and bulgogi aren't thick midwestern steaks, but they're still beefly delicious.
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apparently moonshine had to stop, at least according to their website .
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Oh god. My husband's been scouring the bay area looking for a grill-your-own-steak joint for years and seeing this thread will likely reignite the search.

Korean barbecue's cool, but it's certainly not drinking beers around a grill making Texas toast.
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Laila Lounge in Williamsburg, Brooklyn does a Sunday brunch where they just fire up a grill and set out some big tupperware containers of burgers and hot dogs (including veggie versions of both) and you grill them yourself. You're also free to bring your own BBQ. They make a good Bloody Mary as well.

I haven't been there since the summer, so I don't know how late into the year they do it, but you can try calling them.
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Response by poster: Thanks Atomly. I'll check it out, though it sounds like it's more of an outdoor summer grill place, as opposed to a indoor winter grill place.

And Notyou--yeah, I've been to them, and they're nice, especially if they have real wood charcoal instead of the gas. I just may have to settle for the Korean BBQ.

Gucky--YES! Exactly! There's something primal about standing around a huge firepit filled burning charcoal with 20 strangers sipping beer watching the thick slab of meat cook while the winter rages on outside. . .

So the search continues.
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