Any English-language socializing in Tokyo?
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The two of us are in Tokyo through November 8, being tourists. Are there any social opportunities for hanging out with other English-speakers (e.g. cheap organized tours, group outings for karaoke, etc.)?

My friend and I are in Tokyo through November 8. We have loads of things on our list to see and do, but it's just the two of us - we don't know anyone here, and we don't speak Japanese. Are there any social groups or outings where we could hang out with ex-pats, travelers, or other English speakers?

What I have in mind is like how youth hostels often have open group outings to bars or organized trips that travelers can join in on (we're not staying at a hostel, though, otherwise I'd ask at the desk!). It would be a lot of fun to join in with some people for a karaoke night or walking tour or other group activity.
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I moved from Tokyo in 2005, so I'm not sure how much things have changed since then. But two things that spring to mind are a night at a Tokyo Comedy Store show or The Pink Cow. There are plenty of friendly English speakers at both.

For the former, the show is not always completely hilarious, but it's still a good time. One of the regulars is the guy who does the Life in Tokyo video log.

The latter has plenty of different events every week, and if you're too shy to talk to any of the other customers, at least say hello to the owner.
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I should add that Tokyo Comedy Store holds comedy workshops, which might be fun. And it's another good way to meet and get to know other English-speakers.
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Maybe the Tokyo Great Cycling Tour on Saturday?

A friend of mine did a walking tour offered by the Tokyo tourism office and really enjoyed it.

Otherwise check out Metropolis for english speaking events. Or, your best bet I think, spend an evening in Roppongi and make some friends. People in Tokyo are really friendly, it won't be hard. You'll invited to karaoke before you know it.
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Follow-up to this question: I went on the bike tour that rsk recommended and it was fantastic. If you're in Tokyo, definitely check this out!
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