I would like an actual working myspace tracker
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MySpace silliness. I want to know who is looking at my profile.

Do any of the trackers actually work for people that are not already a member of said tracking service?

I don't mind if people know that I am tracking this info, however, I don't want to cause any of my friends to have spam or what not either.
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Try this.
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Unless something has changed in the last year, no there is no way to do this. Any software that claims to allow you to do this is probably to either spam you, make you take some surveys, or use your account to spam.
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Do NOT try the link HotPatatta gave you. It's an email address harvesting site. The registration leads to to a dead end. You have to register on another site called "peeps.com" (are you done laughing yet?) as part of the activation which doesn't work.
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I don't think any of the "trackers" actually work. They would have to have access to the Myspace server's authentication information to correlate usernames, which they don't.

The closest thing you can do is to see what IP addresses are hitting your profile, then figure out what ISP uses those IP addresses and correlate those geographically. So you can get it down to...: Somebody in Atlanta is checking me out, and the only person on my friend's list from Atlanta is Bill.

Specifically, host a pic on a webserver you control, display that pic on your profile with an IMG tag, and log the IP addresses of which clients access that pic. Spammers and companies use this technique (with uniquely named images coded to your e-mail) to verify whether you've read their e-mail.

It's probably more trouble than you want to deal with.
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If you're curious about whether a specific person is visiting your page and are a little techincally handy, you could try this:
  • put an image of a cute kitten on your webserver
  • email a link to this image to your stalking target
  • when they view the image, check your logs for their ip
  • put another image on your webserver
  • embed that image on your myspace page
  • watch your logs for that IP to pop up again

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ProfileViewsPlus still works. Kind of. It used to be able to show usernames and IP addresses of people visiting your profile, then myspace started automatically removing part of the HTML that you paste into your profile. It still tracks IP addresses, so if you compare when someone posted a comment on your page or requested you as a friend to when their IP shows up on your tracked visitors list, you can eventually figure out who's looking at your page by recognizing their IP.
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