1 sheet of paper, batteries not included.
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I am looking for more information on ‘Paper Batteries’ in relationship to RFID. I have found plenty of information on RFID, but the term ‘Paper Battery’ does not seem to produce many fruitful results. The information I am looking for would be in relationship to the technology, production practices, workflow, or process management practices in the field of Graphic Information Technology.

Is there another term for ‘Paper Batteries?’

Is there a site out there hiding all the white-sheets and articles on the new technology?

Any online databases or journals I should be looking into?

Hive-mind, help me find up-to-date writings on this subject.
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I could be wrong, but, reaching deep into the depths of my memory, the words "paper battery" conjure the word "capacitor". I'm also remembering something about certain types of capacitors being mnade from paper and some kind of oil.

I hope this helps in some way. If not, blame the recesses of my mind.
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Of course I missed the whole point of it being RFID related. Argh. Sorry about that.
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IANAexpert on this, but you might look into polymer or plastic materials in batteries, not paper. It seems somehow unlikely that batteries would be made from paper.
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I listened to an audio piece on Dr. Robert Linhardt's work on paper batteries on CBC's Quirks & Quarks show last week. Here's a link to the episode and show notes. Nothing mentioned about relationship to RFID though.
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I was very interested in that Quirks piece myself..

Though I haven't followed up in detail, here are a couple more links: Robert Lindhardt, and the press release which, presumably, inspired the Quirks story.
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Why batteries? Are you looking for info on active RFID or passive? In the case of passive, it is the radio wave itself which provides the power to activate the circuit and respond.

What about a more generic search, such as "RFID battery technology" or "RFID battery research"? Ooh, that brings up some promising items, including "thin battery" (ooh, even finds some products 0.5mm... sweet). As others have mentioned - plastic batteries might be another search term.
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