Which game was this?
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I saw a highlight of a pro football game this past Sunday (Oct. 28th) that featured a muffed punt. The kicker made a really awkward attempt to recover the ball, but the other team got it and scored a touchdown. I don't know which teams played in this game, the channel that showed the clip, or where it originally aired. Anybody know which game this was, or even better knows of a video link to the play in question?

I distinctly remember one of the commentators calling the punter "unathletic" and that he doesn't speak to kickers.
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The San Diego Chargers vs. The Houston Texans
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Thanks, this had been driving me bonkers.
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You can see it about 35 seconds into the first video on this page, if you haven't found it elsewhere.
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Not adding any helpful, but I saw that too and I remember thinking to myself "how hard is it to fall on a football?"
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That's not a muffed punt, just FYI. That's just a bad snap. A muffed punt is when the returner tries to catch it but fails and it bounces off of him to the ground.
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