acrobalance training?
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Is it too late to get into Acrobalance?

I'm only 18, but I feel maybe it is one of those things you have to do from early childhood. Have I missed the boat on it? Also, where would I start? I live in New York City if that matters/affects anything.
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Well, I think it depends on what you want it for: work for an circus or just an work out?

If you want to peruse it as a carrer, then you're on the hinge. If it's just for fun and fitness - no problem. Go for it, it's great fun.

(Speaking with 8+ years experience of circus arts-training, mostly juggling.)
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I'm 22 and recently started circus classes. It's great fun. I'm not an aspiring cirque du soleil performer, and I'm imagine if you were then starting early would have helped, but in terms of learning the skills it doesn't matter how old you are.

There'll definitely be some circus classes around New York. Until you start, I'd definitely recommend weight training. Acrobalance will require some serious upper body strength.
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Don't know if you're looking at this, but I took a Circus Essentials class earlier this year (I'm 22) and it was SO MUCH FUN. Obviously some will be better than others, and I was the least fit of the class, but I could manage some things - and even found a knack for Chinese plate juggling and tumbling backwards.

hope you find what you're after!
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