Post war Dinar value
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DinarFilter: I want to know how much money, in US dollars, 50,000 Serbian Dinar 1946.
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Best answer: "1944 (Federation) dinar, YUF, -1965

In 1944, as Yugoslavia began to be reconstituted, the Yugoslav dinar replaced the Serbian dinar, Croatian kuna and other occupation currencies, with the rates of exchanged being 1 Yugoslav dinar = 20 Serbian dinara = 40 kuna. In May 1945, a peg of 50 dinara = 1 U.S. dollar was established but was not maintained."

From this wiki

20*50=1000 Serb Din to 1 usd, thus ... about 50 bucks (if I did the math right)
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(What an unusual question!)
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Best answer: In 2006, $50.00 from 1946 is worth:
$515.86 using the Consumer Price Index
$416.72 using the GDP deflator
$887.67 using the unskilled wage
$1,399.48 using the nominal GDP per capita
$2,967.77 using the relative share of GDP

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Response by poster: Thank you for the fast work; I'm a bit sheepish I didn't find that source myself in my additional wrinkle is that these were referred to as "50,000 dinar" and may have been the Yugoslavian dinar (and date of transaction may have been as late as early 50s). was either the equiv. of ~$500, or ~$20,000, in current US dollars. Argh!
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May I ask why you are asking such a weird question?
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