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What was the final song on the most recent episode of Weeds? It played during the end credits.

It had lyrics like "marry me" and "take me away in a chariot."
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I don't know which episode you're on, stateside, but maybe you can find it on this page?
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Help, I can't stop talking! informed me that the song is "Chariot" by Page France.
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Showtime publishes a list of most of the music used in each episode. Maybe it's one of the songs listed there?
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(my personal fave is season two, episode 1, song 2...Jenny Owen Youngs.)
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My editor is buying Help, I can't Stop Talking a drink after work.
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Chariots and other Page France songs are available for sampling here.
posted by rmless at 8:51 AM on October 30, 2007

The record label has the mp3 available for free download:

Page France - Chariot [mp3]

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