"Machine that spits out the shape I want."
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Trying to find a company that makes a machine that can make food moulds in the shape of an animal. Anyone?

I've heard that there is a German company that makes these machines only I didn't get the name and now I can't seem to find this company anywhere on the internet.
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This isn't a machine...but would this work?

Its a silicone molding material. The example has a guy pressing a figurine into it and then using the mold to make a chocolate.
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Can you show us some examples?
Are you looking to have some food molds manufactured, or are you looking the specific German company?
Your tags say die casting (not dye), but could you mean stamping?
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You need some more specifics.

What exactly does this machine produce? Metal molds, like you might use for breads? Plastic ones, like you would use for jello? Something else?

"spits out the shape I want" - how is the design getting inputted? Frankly, a machine that can manufacture a 3-D form to order, well, such things exist (like rapid prototyping) but that's expensive stuff and not for such a specific purpose.

Can you explain the process and product better, and maybe give some notion of where you heard about it?
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