Ask METARfilter: text weather to twitter?
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I'm looking for sources of weather data (current conditions, forecasts) that are in text formats so that I can turn them into a Twitter weather bot. What I have in mind is either existing ASCII products (METAR, AVN MOS) or derivatives of image products that (e.g. a compact text encoding of a radar map through some kind of image analysis). Ideas welcomed.

The current weather bot is - it's only partially a bot since I have some stuff that I log to it by hand or from scripts.

Some things that have been useful are Twitterfeed (RSS to Twitter, scheduled every so often) and a simple shell script for posting to Twitter via curl.

The radar piece is what I think would be the coolest - I suspect that throwing Imagemagick at a radar GIF and then counting pixels on a county by county basis would do most of the trick.
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Check out NOAA's text reports. The "Short Term Forecast" for example.
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More XML links from the government
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METAR data is what I recommend and what I use.

You can use either the station data or decoded:

This page has a station list:
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You can get current observations by ICAO identifier like this:

Also the Aviation Weather widget's js code references
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Most major cities are covered on twitter. I used to follow wxpdx.
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