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Where can I find the a photo of the Delorean from Back to the Future streaking off leaving a trail of flames behind it (and preferably with Dr. Emmett Brown standing behind looking dumbfounded)?

Many thanks in advance. I've tried Google image search and Flickr to no avail.
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Several of the covers at have the burning tire tracks, but they're cover art and not stills from the movie (which is what I assume you mean by photo). VLC will let you take screenshots while playing a DVD or anything else, so you could get it that way.
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Like this? It's got the Doc, Marty, fire tracks, but no DeLorean.

It seems to me that the shot of the DeLorean+Doc+Fire Tracks is something your head made up...where would the camera have been on that shot? Doc and the DeLorean would be a half mile apart, minimum, so if the shot exists, it can't be very detailed.

Also, the DeLorean flashes out of existence by the time Doc has a chance to react to the fire tracks.

I think the shot you want is a great, keystone mental picture--I have it, too!--but probably never really was put together quite that way.
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Best answer: Assuming we're talking about the first movie, I'm not sure you're going to find all three (car, fire, doc) in one shot. I just single stepped through it and the way they did the effect, the iconic skidmark flames appear after the car has vanished. There are some smaller flames shooting out before the car disappers, but they're not the long skidmark kind. There's plenty of doc+fire ones though. I posted a bunch of the screencaps here, in case any of them are useful. They're from a HD source (1280x720.) Maybe in the other movies there's a better car+flame shot to be had.
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(Whoops, they're not the same photo. Similar, though.)
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Best answer: Holy progressive screen caps, Rhomboid!

Yeah, I forgot that Doc had the DeLorean driving right at the two of them. Still, as the caps show, if the DeLorean were still in the frame by the time the fire tracks show up, then Doc and Marty would be dead.
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My friend has the full size movie poster, which I believe has all three items, but it's not a movie capture or a still frame.
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How's this?
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It's a bit small, but here's an animated gif of the event.
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Best answer: You can find pictures of the Doc and the DeLorean (approaching) and the Doc and the twin fire trails, but not the DeLorean and the flames together. For that you'll probably need to look at some sort of composite promotional artwork.

Here's an example
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Response by poster: Awesome. Thanks guys! This is a wealth of screenshots! :)
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