Looking for luggage with built-in garment bag.
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I'm looking for a carry-on bag (one that really follows U.S. airline compliance with max 22x14x9 dimensions) that not only has a built-in garment bag but can hold maybe a ream of paper along with usual toiletries and light clothes for a weekend business trip. This will be a gift.

I found some information about the Skyroll on wheels, but one review said it didn't comply with carry-on standards when the garment bag was actually around it. The interior space seems large enough for a couple shirts, undies, and socks, along with a bit of paperwork, but I'm not sure about the inside dimensions.

The other option I've found is the LLBean Sportsman's Carry-On Rolling Garment Bag, but there are no other images besides the outside, and I don't know how it works.

Any other ideas, or experience with the above two? Any tips would be appreciated. One reason why I think a built-in garment bag would be a good idea for my friend is because he's terrible at packing and needs all the built-in assistance he can get.

Thanks in advance.
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I have a Travelpro Platinum 4E that sounds like it would fit the bill, but I can't say for sure. The current model can be found here.
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Pointing him in the direction of Onebag would probably be very helpful. Reviews on luggage, packing lists, packing tips, etc. from a seasoned traveller. Or you could just get him the bag, type up the tips, and tell him you came up with them yourself.
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I have a wheeled carry-on bag from Briggs & Riley with an incorporated garment sleeve that meets carry-on dimensions. Here is the current model. Yes, it is not cheap. Luggage is one of those things where you get what you pay for. I've had mine for almost ten years and it has a few little scratches from baggage handlers but is otherwise as good as new. My version of the bag certainly holds everything you describe in your wishlist and then some. Plus, it has an ironclad guarantee- but in my experience, the bag is so sturdy that you won't need it.
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I have another version of this bag. It has a "suiter system" (pssst it's a garment bag). The way it works is it folds out from the inside, you put your suit into it (on the hanger), fold it up into thirds, and clip it in place inside the bag. I haven't had any problems with wrinkles.

The whole bag is also expandable. And you can sort of see in the picture, there is plenty of organizing to be had w/ the many pockets.

I love it, I love it, I love it. Of course, I bought mine at Target for around $70, not the $160 on EB's site. Might want to check at Target for a less expensive version.
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Thanks for the tips thus far. :) And I didn't know these things were called "suiters." Interesting!
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Hi Ky,

I am the president of SkyRoll. I saw your post and wanted to let you know that SkyRoll on Wheels does meet carry on rules and should be fine except on the smaller planes. I've personally traveled with it many times without any airline personell saying a word.

All the dimensions are on our web site, and if you have any questions you can e-mail me through the web site, www.skyroll.com.

Happy traveling with whatever bag you decide to get.
Best Regards
Don C
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That Don C guy is just a shill. Don't listen to him. Take it from me, an actual human, the Skyroll on Wheels will work for your "friend." (It's really you, isn't it.) When I pack right it comes to 22x14x9 exactly, and nobody has ever raised a fuss. Even on Spirit, who seems to want to charge for everything these days.
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I had a TravelPro that was 20" long and had a real suiter. A friend who travels all the time had one and said it was the best bag due to its size and suiter that he ever had. It was awesome until the handle broke. Their new equivilent doesn't have a suiter and I find that the 20" bags fit a lot more planes with less stress than the 22". I ended up getting a really cheapo bag at Ross that has is 21" long and has a suiter that zips open from the outside. It's okay but not great. I wish TravelPro would start making their old one again.

I looked at a ton of bags this time from the main companies and really didn't find one that I really liked. Many of them had really crappy suiters or areas that were suppposed to be a suiter but really were just a pocket.
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The Skyroll review I'm referring to is The Travel Insider, which is more detailed than most luggage reviews people can find on Amazon. (And haha, Floydd, no, it's really not for me. There's no reason for someone to lie about a luggage purchase. Pretty weird idea. ;-)) I wonder how the review came up with those dimensions, though.

Briggs & Riley is probably outside my price range for a mere gift, but I'll look at TravelPro. No one has tried the LLBean suiter, huh? Oh well.

Thanks for the tips.
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