Bay street or Broadway for skiing
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Cousin and spouse in NYC, we're in Toronto. We'd like to meet halfway to go snowboarding in January. I only know the Quebec ski hills so any suggestions would be much appreciated. Hotels, condos and cottages are all equally acceptable.
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Try Holiday Valley. Three hours from Toronto and significantly further from NYC.
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Best answer: Whiteface, near Lake Placid, NY is pretty close to equidistant between Toronto (~330 miles) and NYC (~290 miles). It has the largest vertical drop of any ski area in the northeast. Plus, Lake Placid is a happening town with all of the former Olympic venues (and training facilities.)
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I'm not sure it's large enough to qualify as interesting for you, but when I was in college in upstate NY, I enjoyed Labrador Mountain in Truxton, NY (near Cortland). Its closer to NYC than Toronto, but it's a nice little ski area. While its not as large as Greek Peak (which is nearby), I found it to be more pleasant and less insanely crowded. You could get a hotel room in Cortland and do both in one weekend, if you wanted. Beware of college students at Greek Peak, fyi.
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Seconding Stowe. It's really a nice place.

I've also really enjoyed Sunday River, in Maine. Best skiing times I've ever had. But it's most definitely in the middle of nowhere.
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