Help Me Fake Some Farro
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I want to replicate a dish I had in Bordighera--it was basically farro doused in very good olive oil.

I'm sure it was prepared with more than those two ingredients, but it was a simple dish.

Caveat: I have no access to farro, so I will have to sub in something like bulgar or wheat berries.

I would love any recipe along these lines, involving cooked bulgar/wheat berries and olive oil. Bonus if beans or anchovies are involved.
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Spelt is pretty close to farro, and easy to find in health food store bulk bins.

I'm kind of interested to know if anyone can come up with this. I've made a risotto type thing with spelt that my family adores, and it's always fun to find new ways to eat whole grains.
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Whole Foods sells Farro.
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Buy farro online.
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