What watch was that?
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Just saw Eastern Promises. Kirill was sporting an interesting looking watch. It often happens that some item of clothing, a watch, a doily, or slipcover catches my eye in a movie, and then I spend way too long trying to track it down online. What websites do y'all rely on to answer these and other harrowing questions more expeditiously? Many thanks in advance.
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Move over, I'm in the same car as you.
I've been obsessing over Rod Serling's triangle shaped watch for YEARS since I saw the American Masters documentary on him.

Finding it is like hunting a unicorn and a yeti at the same time.
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Willmize - it wasn't a Hamilton was it?
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@ian1977 - I am thinking it is! At least now I know what the creature is called - well, besides a yeti or unicorn. Thanks so much, I appreciate it.
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Willmize - no problem. If you scroll down to the 2nd to last watch on that page the guy apparently sells modern reproductions.
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Unfortunately Seen On only lists paid placements, so it's slim.

The fan boards for a movie or a show usually have results about it.

As for the specific watch:
The shoes are English, ankle-high with a string tie. The watch is by Jaeger-LeCoultre and retails for a few thousand dollars.

"...They would only wear Armani or Christian Dior, and so this watch company said they would be interested in providing watches for the movie, and we feel these guys would look for something that is quite elitist.
-- found here

Maybe my googlefu is just "on" today.

(And thanks to the derail, now I want Rod Serling's watch too. Damnit.)
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Here is another website.... http://www.brandchannel.com/brandcameo_films.asp

alas...no Eastern Promises though
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Response by poster: Thanks Gucky (your googlefu certainly seems to be a couple of dans higher than mine).

Gracias para ti as well Ian. Bookmarked for future reference.
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Here's a pretty good page for watches: Watches in Movies.
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Cory Doctorow links to strange timepieces at watchismo.
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