What happens to the energy in a rechargable battery?
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What happens to the energy that is lost from rechargeable batteries when they self discharge?

What happens to the energy that is stored in a rechargeable battery as it sits on the shelf and is not used and self-discharges? Is it just stored inside the battery in a different form?
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Like most "lost" energy, it becomes heat which is transferred to the surrounding environment.
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A very, very, gradual loss to heat.
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"Self-discharge is caused by electrochemical processes within the cell and is equivalent to the application of a small external load"

in other words, heat. Google "battery self-discharge" for more. Note that all batteries are susceptible, not just rechargeable, though the processes are much faster in rechargeable.
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Response by poster: Thanks! I did google "rechargeable battery self discharge" but I guess that was too specific...
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