Name that TV show. Gasmasks, hotel rooms, eggs and dead maids.
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Name that TV show. Gasmasks, hotel rooms, eggs and dead maids.

I saw this a few years back in the UK, it was the final few minutes of what I think was an American TV show. It involved a maid walking into a hotel room to find a man in the bathroom wearing a gasmask injecting chicken eggs with some kind of biological agent. The man is surprised and he drops one of the eggs. It cracks open and the maid slumps down and dies practically instantly. The man calmly packs away the rest of the eggs and, now shown from a first person point of views, walks out of the room to find a few more people dead in the hallway, obviously because of whatever he was doing. End credits.

What was this show and is it as good as this one brief sequence makes me think it is?
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Best answer: I think it was Now and Again. Some of the episodes featured a terrorist called the Eggman. It was a pretty good show, but it was canceled after one season.
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Best answer: gnat has it.

Loved that show.
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Response by poster: Thanks!
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Indeed, that was a pretty good show. I think it probably suffered from brand confusion with "Once and Again," which was entirely different but premiered the same year on a different network. A shame, because putting John Goodman's brain in the Six Million Dollar Man's body and making him fight terrorists is a concept that deserved more than one season.
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Came in to say N&A. Now and Again was great. I can't believe it didn't make it. I didn't like that they "revealed" him to his family at the end of the first and only season, though. I liked the homage to Spawn that they had going. You can still catch it, I think, on "Brilliant But Cancelled" on Bravo or Trio or something.
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