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Calling all Van Morrison fanatics. I'm trying to identify a sample of music used at the end song "A town called Paradise" on the album "No guru, no method, no teacher". I can't upload the music here (don't know how) but the sample appears 5 minutes and 18 seconds into the song. It's driving me mad cos I heard the piece before, many years ago and I can't place it.

I think it's a classical piece and was used in an epic western film like "The magnificent seven" or something like that. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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I've completely forgotten the song, but Google-fu claims it's "Jerusalem". You can hear it here.
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I mean, I've forgotten the Morrison song in question, not Blake's "Jerusalem."
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You know, FelliniBlank, I think you're right. I was on a completely different track. I really should have known it, living in London, where they sing it every Sunday on TV.
Thanks a bunch. I can relax now
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