DIY baby t-shirts
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I have a 3 week old baby boy, about 30 plain onesies and a package of iron-on printer paper...

Any funny/sweet/clever ideas what I can make??
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Universal symbol for 'onesie' would be interesting.
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Formatted as if on a Theater Marquee: "Now Playing: /your kid's name/"
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Something like this maybe?
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I've always thought these were cute, and they'd be pretty easy to make:

Fortune Cookie Onesie

Also, think back to all the dorky/kitsch/silly stuff when you were a kid, and throw those things on a shirt. I'd love to make my kids some Voltron, Thundercats, 80's Sayings (Frankie says Relax), etc shirts.

[On Preview] That Level-1 Human onesie is AWESOME!
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"I'm with Stupid"?
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"My mom went through 27 hours of labor and all I got was this lousy T-shirt."
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words are over rated on clothing, especially for a person who can't even read! I suggest poaching some of the awesome illustrations from old patents via google (like this). Since you have a large set of 30 you could also go with something like the international symbols which are available from the AIGA.
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"party at my crib...three am."
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An arrow pointing to the mouth with a caption saying "Insert Coin"?
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From bryanboyer's post, I like the international symbol for nursery.
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shhh. what I do go to some of the better tshirt sites (think Threadless) save the nice big preview picture, take it in Photoshop, clean it up a little, and print.
Very cool.
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Boob man
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Achewood has some suggestions that are in extremely poor taste. The first one is less so than the second.
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I've always loved this "I can't read" onesie, but it's sooo overpriced. I love things that state the obvious.

They also used to have one that said "Nobody puts Baby in a corner," but it's discontinued.
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My sister and I made one for our nephew that said "Not Labeled For Individual Sale"
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Thanks for the great ideas and it gave me a couple others...
Customizing something at the church sign generator and writing his name on the Necco heart generator. (If any one knows of any others of those "generators" let me know!
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Those sign generators are a cute idea. The concert-ticket generator, while maybe not quite right for a onesie, would make a cool baby announcement - plenty of room for dates and digits, "produced by" lines, etc.
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iPod baby. Rub my tummy and turn the volume down!
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Plain white onesie, black print - Large type on front : "BABY"

Barcode on butt.
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pupdog's idea, but make sure you use stencil-style lettering for that generic look.
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My boyfriend and I were talking about this the other day! I wanted to make an "I'm A Stupid Baby" shirt from this Simpsons episode ("Stupid babies need the most attention!")

If you've got a more sick sense of humor, "Bake at 350 degrees."

(Sigh... it's probably a good thing that I'm not going to have children anytime soon.)
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Metroid, don't feel bad, I wanted one with the dotted lines showing the different cuts (similar to this) but was soundly chastised...
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We got an AB/CD onesie for my sister-in-law's baby girl. It was really funny 'cause her dad likes metal. That should be pretty easy to replicate.
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I did an iPood one for my niece, in an appropriate font.

I love the AB/CD one too, but that's best on a black onesie, in my opinion.
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