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They say the memory is the first thing to go. Please point me to video of that awesome woman mixing sound as she goes.
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Best answer: Was it the one that was posted to the blue a while ago?
Imogen Heap - Just for Now
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Response by poster: lekvar, that's it! And I had no idea how to find it without her name. Thank you.
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This and her performance of Hide & Seek from the same session really made me a fan. I wasn't too impressed with this album (Speak For Yourself), but producing this kind of music live! Wow.

Radiohead does some similar stuff in their live show (or used to)... but that's 5 guys. Their live album from a few years back had a version of Everything In Its Right Place with extensive vocal sampling & manipulation that is really a wonder to hear. Here's a different performance with similar effects.
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Oh thank God. I've been hoping I would find some way of stumbling across this again.

Thanks rockhopper for asking, and lekvar for answering!
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