How to get to San Carlos?
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What's the best way to get from Tucson, Arizona to San Carlos, Sonora (Mexico)?

We're investigating flights, car rentals and such. Any hints and pointers would be much appreciated.

1) Are there flights from Tucson to San Carlos or the surrounding areas?

2) Is it possible to rent a car in the US (Tucson) and take it to San Carlos, or is this just a silly idea?

3) Are there public transit options (Mexi-Greyhound?) between these two points?

4) Anything interesting to see on the way, supposing we do take a car?

Thank you!
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Re: flights and public transit - use Google. You have the power.

If you want to rent a car, I'm pretty sure it'll cost quite a bit; the supplemental insurance for foreigners alone is something like $25 a day. Everyone is supposed to have it; there's no enforcement so a lot of people skip it on their own private cars, but there's no way you could do that with a rental. If they even let you take it to Mexico. Probably best to call a couple local rental places and ask, I'm sure it's come up before.

As far as what the drive is like, I've only driven in northern Sonora, but the roads weren't atrocious and there's no reason you couldn't make the drive. Except that it'll be hot, dusty, and through the middle of nowhere.
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Do your due diligence on anything, of course. These guys go directly from Tucson to San Carlos. You can fly to Guaymas if you like, but that can get expensive and the hassles of going through security might eat up a lot of time.

Hope the trip is great. I want to go down there some time as well; I have a friend who also has a place in Hermosillo who says she'll make the drive with us some day. (I'm on the southside, near the airport. What part of town are you in?)
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Found this site:

Chock full of info - looks like there's a bus that leaves from 12th and Drexel in Tucson that goes straight to San Carlos, for under $50 one way.
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Darn it... paste didn't work. Here's the link:
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