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The tripod-mount threading on the bottom of my camera (a Fujifilm FinePix S5100) is stripped. When I try to bolt it to the tripod it wobbles its way off. Is there any way I can fix this myself?

This page has a photo of the bottom of the camera, where the tripod mount is.

Its warranty expired about two years ago, so I don't think I can get any help from the manufacturers.

Cosmetics are not an issue... not since my brother got house paint all over the side of the camera. As long as I can change the batteries and push all of the buttons I'm content.
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Some tripod heads have a quick release feature. You screw a little plate, which is about 1 1/2 inch square, into the bottom of the camera and this plate connects to the tripod head with just a flick of a lever. You could perhaps use a larger screw, or glue, to attach such a plate to the bottom of your camera as long as it wouldn't block the battery or memory card doors. If you use glue just don't put it over the door. A larger screw might even be removable, but I doubt this. You probably would not need a new tripod, just an new head. Here is the first one I found, but the selection is vast. A camera repair place can probably put a new threaded hole in for you but I would guess it would be something like $50 to $100.
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If you have some tools (drill, etc), you can use a thread repair kit. Google for helicoil. As I recall, you use a drill to drill out the old thread, then glue in a new thread coil. I've only used this once, quite a long time ago, but I recall that it did work fine.
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I had good results, although haven't tried it with tripods, with putting a dab of two component epoxy glue in the hole and then screwing in a greased (with vaseline/oil) bolt into the thread. Use a seperate bolt and not the tripod bolt.After curing you can easily remove the bolt. The original thread will be enhanced with the epoxy and the camera on the tripod won't wobble anymore.
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A 1/4-20 Helicoil is what you want. Be aware that the installation requires drilling a larger hole and many cameras don't have a lot of extra material to play with, especially as depth goes.
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I'd try silicone tape on the tripod screws first. The other thing that might be worth trying is a thread glue like Loctite.
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Teflon plumber's tape is also cheap and readily available.
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