Need geographical maps of earth
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I'm looking for some fairly high-quality geographical maps of the whole planet (preferably contained in a single map, instead of being spread over several), but without any details on it whatsoever to do with places or names, not even names of mountains or rivers - no country/state borders drawn in either - the only detail should be things like the geography (high/low land, desert, mountains, forest, etc) Thanks in advance!
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Satellite images any good?

That's not quite the one I was thinking of, but I can't seem to find that one anywhere, and the best I could find in the US had stuff written all over it. You'd think NASA would sell them, wouldn't you? I'm sure I've seen a gift shop on their site before, but maybe I was wrong or it's disappeared.
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NASA's Visible Earth may lead you to what you want. Maybe.
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Boulder Map Gallery in Boulder CO has a great selection of maps. I remember seeing just the one you are looking for but I can’t find it on their website. I would call them and just ask. They have a extensive knowledge or what is available. Plus they are really nice guys.
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Try searching for "Blue Marble", the colloquial name for cloud-free composites of remotely-sensed data. Sometimes they are depicted as head-on "circle" views, but often they are stretched to two-dimensional geographic coordinates. As dontrockwobble mentioned, NASA's Visible Earth has quite a series--some are here. It seems like this "World Topo Bathy" [big jpg], which has surface reflectance with some relief above and below sea level might be right up your alley.
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Check out Raven Maps and Images.
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Hmm, on rereading, I'm wondering why I was so sure you meant a paper map to stick on the wall, rather than image files, when it doesn't state either in the question. Oh well!
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