Why do people on Facebook think my wife was on the TV show "Guts"?
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WTF? Filter: Why do people on Facebook think my wife was on the TV show "Guts"?

Yes, this is strange.

My wife (named Misty Powers) is constantly getting posts on her Facebook wall like the following:

"I'm being you for halloween. We just watched your episode of guts, Was that girl sarah really 'special?'"

"u looked hot on guTs"

"I'm sure you get this all the time. I'm sitting in my living room right now watching old reruns of GUTS, and you are totally kicking ass. It started out rough when you screwed up the long jump, but then you stepped it up on basic training, and you totally ruled Jump! Jump!. You are way cooler than Lawrence."

Our Google-fu has failed us. Please help us understand what the hell is going on here.
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Perhaps this recent metafilter comment will help clear things up.
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Well, a quick search of IMDb brought up this show (which, on an unrelated note, brought back memories from my youth). Apparently, some people still watch this show. More disturbing still, some people find the preteen contestants so hot that online stalking ensues. I hope someone else comes up with a better explanation, because this program is not a good source of Halloween costumes or romantic interests.
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A friend of mine used to wear this necklace with a green piece piece of quartz on it. He claimed that it was a piece of the Agro Crag he had won back in the 90s. You would not believe 1) how many people bought it and 2) how many times he effectively deployed that story as a pickup line.
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There's lots of details on this Wikipedia page. It's possible there was someone with a similar name on the show, but that page doesn't mention her if so.
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This LiveJournal profile of someone named "Misty Powers" has a reference to being to the top of the (Agro) Crag, as well as mentioning something about Legends of the Hidden Temple.
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A Google search for "misty powers" guts returned this LiveJournal community, which contains no entries and appears to have been created by another random fan. Maybe you could email the creator of the community and ask what was so earth-shattering about the other Misty Powers’s appearance on Guts?

Anyway, Guts is one of those things that people who watched it as kids are now old enough to pretend to like ironically. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles also falls into this category. These bits of pop culture were, at best, completely average in quality, but the shared experience of having seen this stuff and being in on it makes them seem “awesome” now in an earnestly sarcastic way, if that makes any sense. It’s the same reason people laugh at pop culture references in Family Guy when there isn’t really a joke.

As for why people are bothering to look for her on Facebook, sometimes I search for people who show up in weird news stories and friend them. Like that guy who was arrested for running around the University of Georgia campus dressed like a ninja. He got married a few months ago and really loves Jesus.
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On the IMDb discussion forums for the show [registration required], there is a thread entitled "Episodes which surprised you the most?" in which someone mentions "the Misty-Lawrence-Sarah episode." This fits with the other names you mention. Presumably someone named Misty, who may or may not have had the last name Powers, was a contestant with the other two.

And people don't seem to be too discriminating when they think they're contacting celebrities (or "celebrities") on the internet. See, e.g.
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Since "powers" is also a noun, they may also have been looking for, say, a search string like "misty has super powers" or something.

I'd also like to note that Misty Powers is perhaps the best stripper name I have ever, ever, ever heard. Seriously. If your wife isn't in the industry, she ought to be. I don't care what she looks like, that's the best thing ever.
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Just as an aside, you know that she can make her wall available only to her friends, right? Because I know it would drive me crazy to have random idiots comment on my wall, no matter what the topic.
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According to Yahoo, Nickelodeon GaS is showing Guts 5 hours a day (10 episodes) every day. You could imagine that if a show lasted only 4 years, you're going to cycle through every episode pretty quickly with that kind of airplay.
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Dude, Misty Powers was like the referee for all the games. Watch the episodes, she's the one saying "on your marks, get ready go" and gives the commentary after the game.
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unexpected: nope, that was Moria Quirk
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Moira Quirk, who was in fact hot (and still is, it seems).
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I going on with another from above--how can someone not in here region/school/whateversheisin see her profile and post to the wall to begin with? Look into settings and privacy settings and you won't be having this problem.
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How funny. My friends and I Tivo a bunch of Guts and Legends of the Hidden Temple and watch 'em when we all hang out for parties. They're a far cry to our childhood and watching Nickelodeon.

On a related and creepy note, a friend of mine got hit on by a guy who claimed he was on Legends Of The Hidden Temple and even had the "Purple Monkeys" team shirt. He was lying though but it IS a good pickup line lol.

Most likely it's a case of mistaken identity. A lot of people are probably curious how the people turned out who were on the show. It wasn't an exceptionally memorable show but some of the contestants were quite charistmatic.
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FWIW, you can set your facebook preferences so that only friends can write on your wall
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Uhh why not just add a small blurb to her facebook profile that says "Hey I'm not that chick from Guts, I just happen to have the same name. Sorry!" That might cut down on some of it. Of course, some people are always gonna believe what they're gonna believe, but that could help whittle out some of the crazy fan letters. :)
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