How do I cite my extended quotes in Chicago Manual style?
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How do I format extended quotes in my document using Chicago Manual style?

I am working on a document that has a lot of extended quotes. I have indented the longer quotations and applied single spacing. How do I cite these? Am I correct to use a footnote? Or do I need to cite the publication immediately after the quotation, in brackets or parenthesis?

The style manual I am using is not giving me a direct answer!
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It depends on the format of the rest of your quotations within your text. If you are using footnotes (which is most likely the case) you should be using a footnote at the end of the block quote. If you are using a parenthetical citation (it doesn't sound like you are from the way you phrased your question; also, it's not typical citation format for scholarly works) you would continue that format.
Basically, consistency is key with citation formats, and you wouldn't switch between one format to another within one text.
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The Chicago Manual (15th ed., 11.81) has sources for block quotations in parentheses following the punctuation mark ending the quote, in the same font size, with no punctuation after the closing parenthesis.
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(If you're not using footnotes/endnotes.)
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The Chicago Manual of Style supports an online Q&A site that might help you to resolve your question. It's at Good luck!
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