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Please reccomend a tattoo artist in either the Augusta, GA or Charlotte/Gastonia NC area who has experience working with white ink in pieces.

Preferrably, they'd have experience with solid white pieces (since the tattoo I want is small but entirely white- just a little sprinkling of stars). I would get one in my own state, but I'm not the legal age (in South Carolina, without parental consent you must be 21.)
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The closest I can get is Durham, NC. Kathryn at Dogstar. Check this one out. And, not white, but one of my favorites. I have a sizable and pretty intricate grayscale piece that she did years ago, and it has help up exceptionally well. She's good.

Also, call Morgan at American Classic in Athens. I'm pretty sure he doesn't work in whites, but he'll know someone in the area who does.
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I live in Augusta and know a number of tattoo artists; I will ask around and see who can do what you want. Feel free to email me if I don't get back to you soon.
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