Yes, Thriller is on the list
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I'm having a Halloween party tomorrow, and I was looking for some good music videos to have playing on the T.V., Here's a decent list from Yahoo (of all places), but I was hoping for a few more good choices. Youtube links highly appreciated!
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Tool's "Prison Sex" and Nine Inch Nails' "Happiness is Slavery" leap to mind.
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Monster Mash
I was a Teenage Werewolf
Highway To Hell (various, I like this video, but YMMV)
Werewolves of London (various again, but I think the anime ones are best)
Rocky Horror Transvestite Song
Psycho Killer (mashup with American Psycho movie footage)
and, of course,

They're not all original artist videos, but I think that for a Halloween party the gorier (or cheesier), the better, right?

If you're not too fussy about original artist stuff, just look up Halloween music on google and look up the track names on youtube. There are tons of good (and funny bad) mashups.

Enjoy your party
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Thriller, yes, but did you see Indian Thriller? I had a hard time sleeping after that one...
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Oh, and I almost forgot the Morrissey links:

Ouija Board
Jack the Ripper
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Or the Spanish classic Mi Novio es un Zombie (My Boyfriend...). The Zombie on 80s chick dancing starts around 1:30.

yes i am procrastinating.
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Ministry - Stigmata, Just One Fix, Land of Rape and Honey, NWO

Noot exactly Halloween 'themed', but for background it's pretty good
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A Halloween party needs Grim Reaper.
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If you're going the cheesey route, I suggest Alice Cooper. His Welcome to My Nightmare comes in at least two flavors - costumed interpretive dance, and muppet.
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-Monster Mash
-Time Warp

are quick ones that come to mind
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I Don't Like Candy Corn!

Yes it's from Noggin, but it is stuck in me and my wife's head all day, every day!
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