Need a banner page to separate the tribes
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I'm trying to find usable graphic files with these specific images.

I'm teaching young kids about the Old Testament, and am using different visual aids to help teach about the 12 Tribes. The picture linked above shows *exactly* the images I want to find. A local church used these in a VBS packet this summer, but I'm hoping to avoid having to track somebody down...
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These appear to be the same images.
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They are indeed very close, and I should be cudgeled about the head and shoulders for not having mentioned those as ones I had seen in various Google image searches. (I've been primarily looking through various search combinations of: Israel, tribe/s, flag/s, banner/s, standard/s.)

In particular, I'm looking for an image of sufficient size that I can print it about 1/2 page size or larger at reasonable quality.

The images on the banner are attractive because of their simplicity and recognizability at that print size. (In that quest for simplicity, the b/w line art style also makes less editing work for me to reduce the images to that.)

I suppose that I should also indicate that I'm pretty attached to the images on the flag photo, but I can imagine being convinced to use another set - for the moment I'm using some stained glass window images, but some of those aren't quite as true to the tribe descriptions in Genesis 39 as I'd like. Sigh. Never satisfied...
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Okay...another search term to add: in Hebrew the 12 tribes are called the "shevatim." There are some sets of black-and-white clip art images meant for teachers to use here. (The first few are color, more B&W on the second page.)
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I've resigned myself for the moment to tracking down the local VBS folks and seeing what they can do for me, but the other image find was very nice, and knowing good terms for future searches is also invaluable. Thanks, cowbell!
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